Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playlists, "Craftastic"and The Giggles

So, I just have to laugh.  I am not what you would call very "blog savvy" at this point.  I am learning, but it is a lot of tiny baby steps.  At one point this evening I had three identical playlists going at once.  Aside from cluttering my page to distraction they were all about two seconds from being in sync.  So needless to say, a small sampling of some of my favorites quickly turned into a headache of epic proportions.  Luckily, I was able to rectify the situation in short order.  My plan is to add to the playlist as the mood strikes me, but it will always open with Beautiful Day.....wouldn't quite be right any other way.  If you want a little more variety you will have to hang around a bit longer.  All of the songs on my playlist are long standing favorites with the exception of Ingrid Michaelson.  She has a very unique sound and I have loved her since the first time I heard her.  Don't be surprised if a couple more from Ingrid show up.   I borrowed her from Kelle Hampton's playlist on Enjoying the Small Things.  Her blog button is to the should visit.  You will not be disappointed.  One other thing that I may borrow from her is "craftastic".  I LOVE it, but please don't confuse with "craptastic".  That is a whole nother beast.  So speaking of craftastic, for about the last six months I have spent planning my mother's surprise 60th birthday party.  Although, I am not prepared to go into all the details tonight (I think I am still recovering)......I think there are several posts worth of sharing in the coming weeks.  Suffice to say, there has been an abundance of craft filled weekends and late nights, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world.  I thought I would share the party favor boxes with you and continue on from there in subsequent  posts.  I cannot take credit for any of the print work.  That was all courtesy of my super talented, dear friend Megan.   

In closing....there were a couple of times today that I had to remind myself that it was in fact a "beautiful day".  Work had me flying in a million directions at once and someone that I trusted with all of my being rocked that trust.  On the flip side, I have a great job and I have some of the most wonderful friends I could ask for.  As I was tucking in my beautiful 10 year old "baby boy", we laughed until we were both crying and he begged me to make it stop because his tummy hurt so bad.  And then this happened:

Proof positive that life is good and I am blessed!

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